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Latest Projects

Project | 01
Effect of parental incarceration stigma on teachers' assessment of students and their work. 

This project explores the role of associative stigma for children of incarcerated parents in the persistent education gap. This project will use an experimental design to identify causal relationships as well as the pathways through which this effect occurs. Data was collected between 10/2020 and 04/2021, manuscripts are under review.

Project | 02
Risk of mortality by police for those with disabilities.

In this project, which I'm working on in collaboration with Dr. Frank Edwards, we're using the Fatal Encounters data to explore the risk of mortality by police for those with disabilities. We're employing demographic techniques, including life table analysis, to calculate life time risks of police by mortality for various groups. We are currently completing the coding of the data.

Project | 03
Effect of parental incarceration on fertility

Parental incarceration is associated with non-marital fertility, earlier fertility, and a quicker pace of fertility. Parental incarceration has intergenerational consequences on fertility, which can effect the life circumstances of child and mother alike. Now available at Demography.
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